Wednesday, 14 September 2011

'Twas the night before Christmas.... "The 10 in 10 Diaries"

We are always running
For the thrill of it, thrill of it
Always pushing up the hill
Searching for the thrill of it
On and on and on
We are calling out and out again
Never looking down
I’m just in awe of what’s in front of me……

Ahhhhh…it’s almost over and it’s an amazing feeling, but also very sad at the same time because I’m going to miss everyone sooo much, the amazing atmosphere and the Body Rehab Team – I have been in a little bubble in the beautiful Lake District and I don’t want it to end, but at the same time I am mega excited for its conclusion.

Tomorrow will be virtually two years to the day that I ran my first ever marathon, since my first ever marathon was at Windermere in 2009. I can’t quite believe that tomorrow, I will be running around as part of the 10in10ers on marathon day! It is like a dream come true.

It’s been hard work and there have been tears, pain, frustration, tiredness, dodgy tummies, dodgy feet, sore feet, sore and aching muscles, brutally cold ice baths and lots of mind games, but it is all worth it. It really is worth it. You have moments where you question that and when you find it tough and you question what on earth possessed you to be doing what you’re doing, but it is so worth it. Life is for living and you need to take risks and take the tricky paths in order to really live and feel.


Today was again a bit of a toughie. Mentally, I found some bits difficult. The usual bits that I dislike in my mind start to get to me and the perfectly runnable bits that I could quite easily run, I don’t run because I just so happen to not like this or that stretch of road. It’s all very silly. It was lovely to see some friendly faces out on course today and see my mum and dad and get bought an ice lolly at ice-cream Mountain, even if it was really raining hard by then. The rain did hold off most of the day and overall the day was lovely and pleasant, weather-wise… but a very rainy front did emerge later on. By the end of the day I was utterly soaked and couldn’t wait to get back to a nice dry towel and some lovely hot spicy tomato soup!
Body rehab was a bit brutal tonight haha – I guess my muscles are tired and tender and achy….not tooo bad really, just very tender!

Roadkill watch

There is a new addition. We have a new addition to the tally. There was a rather unfortunate looking rabbit quite early on in the course. It’s actually pretty brutal. It’s a sombre sight. The nappy is still with us…Nappy Mountain forever.

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