Sunday, 18 March 2012

Major planning for GUCR 145 Miler

Run when you can

Walk if you have to
Crawl if you must
Just never give up.

There is something very alluring about the Grand Union Canal Race. It seems like a silly idea to run from Birmingham to London along the canal network for 145 miles non-stop, but that’s why I like the idea of it. It’s a simple idea and a grand adventure. And I’m really looking forward to June (although obviously pretty petrified too) to find out for myself.

So planning must commence. The things I really found helpful on the tp100 were having an endless supply of coca cola, chicken noodle soup and mainly savoury foods. It also really helped me to run a bit with someone later on, just to chat and run a better pace. It’s nice to not be with your own thoughts all of the time.

I’ve not run a lot in the last two weeks since the Thames Path adventure because I seemed to have picked up a bit of an ankle niggle in my right ankle. It is easing up a lot now and I’ve been applying the trusted old technique of ‘RICE’.  There’s just been a niggling stiffness and tightness to it. I think I must have strained it ‘somehow’. At first I thought it was my Achilles, but it was maybe more of a sprain. Anyway, I have been hitting the gym in a big way and doing a lot of cross training & weight/ strength work and I’ve been really enjoying that.

"Pain is only temporary, but quitting lasts forever." (Lance Armstrong)

So all is good! This should be an interesting year :)

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