Saturday, 10 March 2012

Continued Quadzilla rOaaawr

And here is the ‘…to be continued’ bit of the Quadzilla adventure. I thought I had better be quick getting this up here before it gets squished out of my very limited memory capacity. And there have been so many recent developments on the running shenanigans front that memories are escaping me. Ok, it hasn’t been very quick getting it up here at all, but here it is now…

Day 3 of Quadzilla – Sat 11th February

I decided to start earlier at 8.30am. I figured, why delay? So even though I am really not too much of a morning person and I am even less of a morning person when it is so freezing cold outside, I managed to drag myself out of my cosy bed (I really could have stayed there) and brave the chilliness of the outside world. And chilly it was. In fact, it was absolutely freezing. Literally. The car thermometer recorded it as being somewhere in the region of -11 and I believe that. Quick stop off at MacDonald’s (for coffee & bagel fuel) later and I was ready to rock! 

When it came to starting off on Day 3, words can’t describe how cold I felt and I love the cold. I would pretty much choose colder running conditions over more moderate temperatures almost any day of the week.  I think this day was covered under the ‘almost’ clause. I just could not get my breath and so I resorted to running around like Rambo or some crazy runner ninja with my fleecy buff pulled firmly up over my nose and my mouth! [PLEASE note: Any piccies of a person resembling a ninja with buff pulled up over their mouth and nose on this post is not of me…but a friend modelling the method of breathing warmly :)]

Oddly, I still found my icy slushy water in my water bottle rather refreshing. I think I like ice cold drinks a little bit too much, even in the coldest of weather (weirdo).

Fortunately, I did begin to warm up as the day went on. I was glad to have started earlier and relished finishing with more time to chill out afterwards. I was glad I had brought my super massive padded jacket with me for afterwards too, as it does begin to cool down just a bit once you have stopped moving.
That night I kept it simple with food and had fish and chips with lots and lots of extra salt and vinegar.

Day 4 of Quadzilla – Sun 12th February

The first thing that pops into my mind on day 4 is that I awoke to read the news online, which I do every morning without fail and was bombarded by the fact that Whitney Houston had died. I think that is the most memorable part of Day 4. Oh, and the fact that it was our last day around that lake (not so sad news).
I started early again. This was a good plan, as I wasn’t in the best of moods with the lake if I remember correctly. I just kept running on past the checkpoint/ eventual finish line/ place where all the goodies are, with my head down. I wanted to get stuck in and get finished.

It was rather chilly, but the cold bothered me less than the previous day. This was probably because I knew it was the last day. It’s all psychological…sometimes. Still, bad mood aside, I had had a lovely four days of seeing like-minded running friends and soaking up the atmosphere that they always create. I love that.
My left foot was no longer hurting me, as I suspect it also knew that the end was nigh. I just kept on going and mentally ticking off those miles. I knew it’d be ok. It can just be a bit down heartening on a lapped course when you see a friend run past you and they’re on their last lap and running for the finish and you may have several to go. However, your turn soon comes around and mine did.

I love that last lap. I almost savour it. I mentally say goodbye to all the little landmarks that pop up along the way. Goodbye geese. Goodbye bridge. Goodbye particularly icy bit near bridge. Goodbye little hill. Yep, running can seriously make you think you’re going crazy. But without it, I probably seriously would. I had an awesome weekend. 

I don’t know, eh? The things you do for medals and a hoodie….

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