Sunday, 11 March 2012

A whole week has passed.....

I can't believe an entire week has passed by since the Thames Path 100. Time has absolutely flown by! I still haven’t figured out in words how to describe it all yet and everything that happened or I felt about it. I will do though. I'll have a blog up by the end of the week.

Meanwhile, my inov-8 trail shoes are still in the car with half of the Thames path stuck to them. I really should clean them. I always do this! They’re new too. And they were great for the ultra. I couldn’t decided whether to wear road shoes or trail for the 100miler and in the end I went for trail because of the many fields you have to run through. In deciding on trail shoes I thought it might leave me more susceptible to foot issues, with less cushioning.

However, my new Roclite's were really great. I had no blisters, no manky toenails...well, no more manky than they already are anyway. I had no rubbing. No issues. Only sore, tired, steamy hot feet from being on them for so long, but I can deal with that...although at the time they were really quite hot and tired and I kept taking my shoes off after the 80mile mark to itch them.

Anyway, so it seems I have found a lot to say about my feet so far, but I know I have a LOT to write about the actual experience in general. So, watch this space...

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