Friday, 14 March 2014

First Run in Eastbourne...

Another week, another seaside town and more coastal running = excellent *big smiley face*

Unfortunately, when I arrived in Eastbourne on Sunday evening, I was immediately struck down by a 24hour vomiting and stomach bug on the Monday. So, I missed my first day of ‘getting to know stuff’ and the start of my induction. It really did wipe me out and I’m only just getting my energy and appetite back properly and today’s Thursday.

However, yesterday – Wednesday – I decided that I couldn’t resist the urge to run and explore any longer and even though I’m not 100% yet and I have no idea where I’m going, I dragged myself out for a little exploration. There was lots of walking as I clumsily navigated the unfamiliar streets of Eastbourne, but once I discovered the seafront I broke into a run. I got really excited when I saw the signposts for Beachy Head and all the possibilities that this will mean in the coming months. 

I decided to follow the signs, although I didn’t intend to run out as far as Beachy Head just yet. I was on evening duty at 6pm and it was past 4.30, so I didn’t want to risk going too far and getting lost. Ultimately, I ended up run/walking up and big grassy hill and onto the South Downs Way.

It is so beautiful. I have run along the SDW at various points in various races, but I have never run this end of the path. I have run close to Winchester and somewhere in the middle, but this bit has remained unfamiliar to me over the years. I have entered Beachy Head Marathon in the past, but it was just too far away for me to get to when I was in the North West. This is one of the reasons that I am now so excited to be in this area; there are just so many beautiful and interesting places to explore. So, I ran along the path for a little while, in the late afternoon sun. It was peaceful, hilly and serene.

I may still be getting over being sickly, but this little wander definitely left me feeling perkier.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

The pretty bits of London...

Richmond Park Run

I’m now in Eastbourne for a new EFL teaching job, which is great because it means that I’m in a lovely part of the country. I’m right by the sea and I’m also right next to the beautiful South Downs Way and Beachy Head – you can’t get better than that! This job also means that I will be able to afford more ultras and marathons than I have been able to afford in the last few years. This is all very exciting. 

On my way back from Devon, I stopped over in London for a week and relaxed a little. I also went on some nice runs around Battersea Park and by the Thames. However, one of my favourite places to run in London has to be Richmond Park. It seems like such an unlikely pretty hideaway in the middle of all that hustle and bustle. Me and George-ultra-running-boyfriend-extraordinaire ran a nice quick 14 miles. Yet, I think the best thing about the run was coming across some deer. 

All the times I have run in Richmond Park, I don’t think I have ever come across any of the famous deer that live there. I always look out for them, but they never appear. This time I wasn’t even looking and there they were, munching away on some grass. It really is the small things...

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

It’s better going that way

Bloggage from 24/02/14

That statement just about sums up yesterday’s run. It was so very windy, it made running a little difficult. In fact, the wind was so gale force out there, it made walking difficult along some stretches of the sea front. It was especially tricky going out, so when I was on the return leg, the wind was mainly behind me then, but another runner was running in the opposite direction, and he was indeed correct – much harder! However, looking at it positively, I had to work much harder and therefore, I got more out of the run. I wasn’t simply running up hills, I was running against the wind and a bit of resistance training is very useful.

So last week, I ran 49.58 miles. I wanted to run at least 40 miles, although I was aiming for 50 miles in order to meet my target of 160 for the month. In actuality, I did just over 50 miles, since I got to restart my Garmin at some points.

Monday 17th Feb: A wet and rainy run along the sea front. It really got torrential out there, but it also felt very refreshing. Overall, I ran 6 miles

Tuesday 18th Feb: I went running a little later than normal and it started to get pretty dark whilst I was out. I ran 6.11 miles

Wednesday 19th Feb: I ran 6.18 miles and I went a little further along the coast. Sometimes, I run up and down and repeat sections of the seafront to make up the mileage, but I didn’t need to on this run.

Thursday 20th Feb: I ran shorter than 6 miles and ended up doing 5.18 miles. Again, it was getting dark. However, I made sure I put a lot of effort into my runs up the hills.

Friday 21st Feb: I felt a little chilly and pretty tired on this run. However, I did manage to do the 6 miles that I was aiming for and ended up on 6.04 miles.

Saturday 22nd Feb: I decided to explore further along the coast than I had previously. I went down the big steps to Goodrington. There were lots of steps and lots of hills to be had on this run, but the weather was glorious. I was warm from running and the sun was shining, I wish I’d taken money for an ice cream. Overall, I ran 10.07 miles

Sunday 23rd Feb: I was determined to continue my little running streak and get in more than 6 miles, in order to reach my target for the month. My calfs and quads were now beginning to ache after the repeated hill running and climbing of steps. Yesterday was also extremely windy, so there were many points where I nearly gave up on running longer than 6 miles. Yet, I prevailed and I carried on – I was determined that the wind was not going to beat me! I had to run up and down a bit, to make up the mileage and I even ran around the block at the end, but eventually it was worth it and I clocked up 10 miles.