Friday, 23 March 2012

RIP Garmin 310xt...?! (though hopefully it wakes up...)

Ohh no :( My much beloved, ‘can’t live without’, trusty (well, not so much at the moment) Garmin 310xt seems to have died! It has been struggling on and off for a while now and the pixels have been faltering on the screen. Sometimes the screen will flicker, have distorted lines, the image won’t be in sync with the screen or will freeze and finally, now, sometimes when I switch it on there is no image on the screen whatsoever; it has started going blank. It will make a beepy/ vibration noise to let me know it has switched on, but no image presents itself. 

I’m really sad :( because it has been just great. I got rid of my Garmin 405 a couple of years ago because I never got the whole bezel thing and I didn’t care that it looked smaller or ‘sleeker’ because the battery life was rubbish (7 hours…although I rarely got that) and it seemed so complicated to use. My Garmin 310xt has gone with me everywhere since I got it and the battery life has been excellent (I’ve had over 18 hours out of it) and I have never been worried about the rain or crazy weather conditions up on the moors or on mad ultra’s because it is a tri watch and waterproof/ submergible. 


So yup. It was a great watch and now it seems to have had enough. But I can’t afford to replace it. Hopefully I will be able to send it to Garmin to get it repaired or something somehow. In the meantime, I’m going to feel like a part of me is missing (haha, so dramatic…but I rely on it a lot for pace and motivation). It’ll be interesting to see what my pacing is like on upcoming marathons and things without it. Or maybe it might change its mind again and decide to stop going blank and maybe co-operate for a little bit before it dies again…it does do this!

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