Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Reach for the stars…Climb every mountain higher! "The 10 in 10 Diaries"

P.S, S*Club 7 were on the Radio this morning; this is the madness that we deal with on a daily basis ;-)

Today when I started out, I was really up for the run; I just wanted to get out there and get stuck in. Later on, however I started to get a bit frustrated with it all. I think it’s just sleepiness and flying insects that were annoying me the most – flies kept dive-bombing me and I got one in my eye and another attempted to fly into my mouth…in fact it actually did fly into my mouth, yum!

I started the day with a taped leg today – still no major niggles, calf has just been a bit achy and so I got some tape yeyyy – looks pretty hard-core haha. I also got some ‘big daddy’ tape on my upper back last night as my right shoulder has been getting a bit tense after a while of being out there…and I had a few muscular-pressure-point needles put into my shoulder also…how I’ve written that doesn’t make any sense really, but they’re basically like acupuncture needles that target trigger points and pain and stuff and I guess release pressure…?! Anyway, it doesn’t hurt to do. This morning the laser also came out, which again doesn’t hurt…it’s just quite funky to be given such cool treatment by The Body Rehab team – they really do everything they can for us to get us back out there on the road again the following day.

It really turned out to be a bit of a toughie today. Getting to certain parts of the course was quite tiresome and took longer than expected. My right foot ended up really hurting, as my trainer decided to randomly start rubbing against the bony bit of my foot/ankle and by the latter stages of the run I was starting to limp about a bit. It doesn’t hurt now, I just hope when I wear different shoes tomorrow that it isn’t still being annoying. It meant that even some of the downhill’s that I would normally really run down – I love flying down the downhill’s – I couldn’t, because it was really niggling at me which in turn was making me really frustrated. A Ribena ice lolly at ice-cream Mountain at mile 22 eased some of the frustration. I can definitely see it being an ice-cream day tomorrow, maybe a bit of beer thrown in? ‘Tis the weekend after all, eh?!

Roadkill report: brought to you by Liz-Watch

Sooo, today out on the roads, everyone seemed to be in agreement that the blackbird that looked fresh from yesterday was no more. Indeed, I don’t recall seeing it out on route. Its presence will be missed. However, I did spot a really small blue-tit like bird in the latter stages of the run; it could have been there for some time, but no-one knows, because it’s really small and kind of blended in with the ground leaves. There were lots of dead bumble bees out on route today - they too can be classed as roadkill. Moreover, the nappy at 15ish miles is still hanging on in there – it is a prominent fixture that we all seem to take great joy in passing; I think it’ll be with us until the very end.

Post Run Fun

The soup today was really nice after the run, but I can’t for the life of me think what it was – it tasted very vegetable-ish and possibly had some lentils in it. I also enjoyed an ice-cold Corona, before partaking in a 10 minute ice-bath session which was brrrrrrrrrrr freeeeeeeeeezing! Following this was a lovely hot shower and for dinner we had chips, lots of other yumminess and some steak and ale pie.

Da daaaaaaaaaa, Day 8 is done: 13 out, 13 back again = brilliant stuff. It’s Saturday tomorrow, how exciting ;-) Just a weekend double marathon to do now…we are past the 200mile mark Wooooooo

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