Monday, 12 September 2011

Some of the marathons (maybe a few ultra's) I have completed in the last couple of months are:


19th - Cheltenham Circular (Marathon)
25th –Holly Challenge (Marathon)


10th –High Weald Challenge (Marathon)
16th – Moors the Merrier (28 miler)
17th –Fairland’s Valley Challenge (Marathon)
24th – Downland Challenge 30 but in Sussex (30 miler)


7th – Dovedale Dipper (Marathon)
13th –Elescar Skelter (Marathon)
14th – Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 (50k)
27th – Smugglers Trod (Marathon)
28th – Sunday, Sandwell 6 towns Marathon
29th –Monday, Gin Pit Marathon 26 miler


2nd – XNRG Toad Challenge (28 miles+)
3rd - XNRG Toad Challenge (Aprox 32 miles)!
4th - XNRG Toad Challenge (32 miles+....I got lost, did 34.5 miles)
10th – Birmingham Canal canter (Marathon)
11th – Yorkshire man Off-Road Marathon (Got a little off course = 28 miles+)

Soooo, these last few months have been pretty jam-packed, especially since these have all been completed in the months following May's 10 marathons in 10 days! The events I have done have varied greatly...but a lot of them have been on trail and off-road. There has been lots of mud, rocks, obstacles, extra mileage from getting lost & bad weather. It is all worth it at the end of the day. And even though I literally had to scrub my feet after yesterday's Yorkshireman Off-road marathon (in which I got awfully lost) and my toes still look all dirty and manky & my feet a bit swollen, try a marathon some time (if you haven't already) and you will know that it is all worth it!

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