Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Day 1 in the Big Brother house... "The 10 in 10 Diaries"

Verrrry superstitious da da daaaa da daaa....

I will admit, I am a bit superstitious – its Friday 13th, there are 13 runners…OoOoOoooo! And also, it just so happens that I have been very scared of this day for a very long time; Day 1! (I’m also a bit scared of the next couple, but I’m hoping after a while I will find my ‘stride’ and discover a little something called ‘pace’ and things will get mentally easier).

Sooo, after getting here yesterday, it has rained rather a lot. Our room smells rather musty from where some rain has leaked in through our slanted ‘roof’ window & the floors a bit wet. Never the less, I got a pretty good sleep last night. I awoke really early and was really quite wide awake for some odd reason, but I did have a deep sleep once I nodded off. I also had a mega spooky weird dream, wherein different members of my family had turned really ‘evil’ and were stopping me from leaving the house to go and do the 10in10….sooo weird. It was actually quite a scary dream.

By the way, in case you haven’t realised already, this blog is going to be quite randomised, as thoughts and recollections emerge in my brain…but I promise it will make some sense.

Last night and this morning, we had to give saliva and urine samples for a masters study being conducted at UCLAN uni. It is really pretty interesting, and we will participate in the sampling every day. But, man is it difficult to ‘dribble’ through a straw and get it into this tiny little tube. It’s really tricky and even though I seem to have improved from yesterday, I end up slobbering over myself more than getting it into the tube. There’s a nice image for you there!

So the day has arrived and step one of our journey has been completed. It rained on and off for the majority of the day, but it was a nice temperature for running in. I’m not as majorly bothered about times as I am about completing the challenge. That is and will remain my number one priority. However, my pace wasn’t all that bad to begin with and for me, I felt happy with how everything was going. My back did start to get a bit achy towards the end of the day, but the main annoyance to me and my morale was getting ‘lost’.

Yeppers, I went the wrong way…which is really really stupid and silly of me, because not only have I completed the course twice before, but we drove the route yesterday. So with 4 miles left to go, I went in the wrong direction + I faffed around for ages trying to negotiate with myself which road to take. It was a silly mistake that added on a fair amount of time and almost 2 extra miles and lots of added frustration. The up-side to this is I damn well won’t make the same mistake again ;-)! And nope, I’m not trying to make each one into an ultra hehe, ‘tis a one-off!

After getting back (finally), I had a bit to eat, although it was a bit of a struggle…I then had a Guinness which was less of a struggle and finally I braved the ice bath. The ice bath actually turned out to be really great. I stayed in there the full 10 minutes and I really think it is beneficial. I felt I could have stayed in longer. Penny managed 14 mins!! So far, I think the girls are more hard-core at the ice bath than the guy’s haha ;-)

And so, here I am now, blogging away after haven eaten some really yummy and much needed food. Better go and get my bottles ready for tomorrow shortly and then I shall get a bit of a massage from Body Rehab. So, Day 1 is over, let’s hope tomorrow is a good’un and that the weather is friendly.

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