Wednesday, 14 September 2011

National Sunshine Day........... "The 10 in 10 Diaries"

Today was a bit of a wet one, yet again! In fact, it was really pretty soaking wet…and cold…so more than a bit wet. Now, I know it’s called the ‘lake’ district for a reason, but please, Mother Nature, couldn’t you be a bit original and go for the opposite, like maybe sunshine instead? Just a thought.

I don’t dislike the rain…I quite like it; I was born in October. But, it doesn’t feel too great when you wake up in the morning and its absolutely thrashing it down and then you have to go out there and immediately get soaked and know that you will be out there for most of the day…it can be soul destroying at some points…you just have to battle through it and I keep looking to the hills and thinking ‘well, at least I'm not up on those fells right now!’

Today I think it might have been National Idiot Driver’s Day in the Lakes….Soooo many moody drivers trying to force runners into the gutters…and yet there are signs everywhere…silly billy’s!

Ahhhh so, ‘tis Day 5 tomorrow …almost half way. I swear Body Rehab are miracle workers….it hurts when they get stuck in with your aching muscles. Speaking of Body Rehab, this is just a quickie, as I’m about to go and get my evening massage now…it could be a bit of a painful one!

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