Saturday, 17 September 2011


Getting ready for the weekend’s running shindigs, I have just come back from Morrison’s with rather a lot of goodies! Considering this weekend will involve lots of exercise, my basket looks considerably unhealthy. I have pizza and pasta for tonight’s tea, a min red wine to accompany the feast – it’s semi-good for ye’ and has lots of iron ;-). The basket may also have contained mini-snickers, wine gums, a 6-pack of original Lucozade, for the fizzy energy kicks…I don’t mind if it makes me burp whilst running haha, Lucozade original is the best pick-me-up, along with full-fat Coke. I also bought a large multi-pack of crisps…so lots of lovely stuff there. Should power me through tomorrow’s hilly and most probably wet 40-miler and Sunday’s Farnham Pilgrim Marathon and maybe a few of next week’s escapades…I shall chat about those after this weekend’s fun :)…

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