Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Burper… "The 10 in 10 Diaries"

And cars speed fast

Out of here

And life goes past

Again so near

There goes the fear again

There goes the fear……

The Digestion-gate scandal is still being scandalous. When I woke up this morning, my stomach still didn’t feel great – Really trapped air quite high up near my diaphragm or something like that…really odd, but makes taking on nutritional stuff and breathing/ running fairly uncomfortable. Oh, and there’s been burping…

Anyway, it didn’t hinder me too much today in the end and I had quite a bit of peppermint tea out on course and I took some Elete Electrolyte tablets before I started to make sure I was sufficiently balanced electrolyte-wise.

It was nice to have a bit of support out on the course today in the form of my Nan and granddad, dad and brother with the camera out.The weather was also a lot nicer. It was breezy and the sunshine made quite a sustained appearance, which was great.

I’m so glad the sunshine came out today,as it was raining really heavily overnight. Overall, I kept things at a comfortable pace and I’m still in one piece *touch wood* - I ran, I walked, I took in my surroundings and I was nearly 30 mins faster than yesterday, so there we are.

For me,this journey is ultimately about getting to the finish, about getting to that final day, the big day! It has been something I have dreamed about doing ever since I did my first marathon at Windermere in 2009. The 10in10er’s I saw then really inspired me and continue to do so.

We are all very sleepy bunnies *yawn*, but we haven’t lost our sense of humour. Still smiling :) , except when I’m in the ice bath brrrrrrrrr’s, or the Dungeon ofPain, i.e. Body Rehab…though, seriously those guys are great….crazy ninja physio’s that they are.

Right, so there’s a little snippet of today’s shenanigans

May theforce be with you…

P.S. I WILLfind a way to watch tonight’s Apprentice…I WILL I WILL I WILL…because ‘tis the best!

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