Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Snot Rocket

A rather snotty run home from work today. I have been battling a dreaded summer cold for the past week and it really has been annoying. It's one of those things where you want to go for a run, because you physically can go for a run, but you just feel really bunged up and can't breathe properly, so your run ends up feeling rubbish and you sound like Darth Vader's relative.

Anyway, determined not to wait for the bus home from work and probably catch even more germs (I miss having a car...), I decided I was going to run home regardless. The run home isn't too far, just under 5 miles. But, I decided to extend my run, because I figured that I was out there anyway and I didn't get in any running at the weekend because of the cold, so I ran a little further and did about 6.5 miles. Not too much further, but it all counts. So, it was a snotty run, but a good run. It always feels good to bank some miles for the week.

Made it home

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