Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Another run home, another foot dunk...

Post-run foot dunking is so refreshing. This could become a thing. Tonight it was dark when I finally got home. I also managed to get in a bit of food-weight-training by stopping off at the shop on the way back home and picking up some Babybel cheeses, avocados, yogurt and milk. I always end up picking up way too much on a quick trip to the shop.

Really looking forward to the Dovedale Dipper 26 miler on Sunday - done it a few times before and even though the cows in the first field always scare me, it's a really friendly little run. I'm hoping me and my boyfriend can spend a couple of days in the Peak District afterwards and have a little explore.

And I am now seriously contemplating doing the Leeds to Liverpool 130 mile race again on August Bank Holiday weekend. I've got to sort out a few 'logisticals', but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to. I'm always up for a long ultra-running challenge...

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