Thursday, 6 November 2014


I think I have mentioned this before...I like a good bottle! That is maybe a little bit sad, but there we go. I'm a bit of a bottle 'cheat'...I find one I like and then I see another and I move on... Oooh and of course, drinking water is really important. I find that if I have something that I like to drink water out of, then I drink more water than I would normally. And, when I drink more water, I feel better.

So, I was browsing around the kitchen department of a shop the other day. I came across a Brita water bottle. Oooo, even better than a snazzy water bottle, it's a snazzy water bottle which makes water taste better. Naturally, I went on Amazon and bought one cheaper :). It arrived about an hour ago and I am not quite sure if I have inserted the filter properly yet, so I might have to give it a while before I can tell if it's any good or not. However, it is a rather nice bottle. 

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