Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The voice of caution knows nothing of real joy...

A fellow runner and all-round inspiring guy, Rajeev Patel, quoted Neal Donald Walsh, in relation to LLCR130: "The voice of caution knows nothing of real joy for what joy is there in doing that you could? Try something you could fail at ... that might just be living".

I can't think of many truer words than those, but I will write a short summary of this adventure...I can't summon the words to write a proper description and blog just yet.

Well, that was a challenge! 

It was slow going, it was tough, it was tear-inducing, it was swear-word-inducing, there were blisters, blisters made worse by wet and sharp stones, lots of far apart bridges, pretty scenery, dodgy bits, cosy barges, falling asleep on my feet, lots of comments about how far away Leeds was, quizzical looks from passers-by, lots of random food, a bacon buttie at 95 miles, a half pint of beer at 113.5 miles, an ice cream with 6 miles to go... And after it all: We did it :-) hurrah!

36 hours 57 mins (slower than we wanted, but glad to finish and much under the cut-off of 42 hours, so happy)

Proper blog to come. Watch this space.

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