Wednesday, 12 February 2014


I have no idea why, but for the first time in years (years and years) I suddenly decided to paint my toenails. Now, I’m clearly out of practice, as I think I could have done a better job blindfolded. Although, it probably doesn’t help that my toenails were so battered to begin with. However, I think I can say that I have a full set, although my little toenails don’t really have much going for them at the moment, as the previous ones fell off a few months back. I've also got a few blackened ones. Well, actually, now they’re all black, albeit a shiny sort of fancy black as opposed to ‘manky runner black’ nails.

I haven’t been out running today, as the weather is just too crazy. I envisioned myself getting hit by a flying branch or blown into a road, so I thought I’d do the sensible thing and stay home. I did some weights instead. It was a bit of a shame that I couldn’t go running, as I had wanted a big mileage week. However, no running in gale force winds (up to 80 mph today) was definitely the sensible thing to do. Instead, I kept myself sane in the knowledge that I had quite a speedy medium-length run on Monday - 12.47 miles in 1hr 42min...

I kept myself insane by thinking about toes some more... So, thinking back to tootsies, I was pondering just how battered they get and how little appreciation they receive. I don’t know, maybe the weather has messed with my mind a little, but they do keep us balanced and they bear the brunt of the force when running up and down hills. Yet, as runners, you’ll constantly hear people going on about their manky feet and toenails predominantly. So, I say, lets show toes a bit of love and give them the TLC they so deserve. The End.

L x

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