Sunday, 23 September 2012

You are an explorer.

I’ve had some really good runs this week. I’ve really been getting my running mojo back. I’ve gone out for a run and smiled for no reason and had those moments where you just feel happy and contented to be doing what you’re doing, to be running, to be out there.  It all sounds a bit mystical, but there is this overwhelming feeling of peace and contentment sometimes when you’re just running along and feel relaxed. Just for a few short moments you can just feel so serene and nothing much else matters. It is great when nothing much else matters except for the 'there and then', the here and now.

Every run I’ve done this week has been in the dark out of choice. I love running in the darkness and getting my head torch out down country lanes. Sure, it can be a bit creepy but it feels like more of an adventure.  I do take a head torch with me in my jacket pocket and a mobile phone though just to be on the safe side. Certainly, this week I’ve had a lot of down moments, a lot, but in the good moments where I’ve been running and running well, I’ve felt happy and been thankful that I have that outlet and that will never change.

Last night I went out for a nice 5 miler. I saw a fox, really close up! The fox I met was a bit too chilled out, was stood only a few metres away, looked at me and just stood there and then took a few steps closer. It was nice to have met, but considering my encounters with cows and some dogs, I decided to run off in the other direction :)

This week I’ve also applied for more jobs, looked at jobs (it’s a job looking) and options. I’ve also been way too philosophical this week. It’s a strength of mine that I do take the time to think and a downfall that I think far too much about things in general at times. It can drive you a bit crazy when you’ve got too much time on your hands to think. It’s been quite lonely. I can be alone, but I like people. I need more social interaction from like-minded people. Otherwise I think I will just drive myself crazy…if I’m not a little already haha

Anyway, just a few thoughts... I seem to be full of them this week.

Later on in the day (Mini update):

I went out for another really awesome run & it was just really brilliant; just what I needed. It was a fantastic fantastically wet & rainy 10.46 miles & there was a big hill thrown in there (I used to run it all the time, but I haven't in ages, with no good reason but laziness I guess). It was just really darn good :-) and I got fantastically soaked, wooo! So fantastic really is the buzz word for that little meander

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