Wednesday, 26 September 2012

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!” - Dr. Seuss

I guess I was going to begin by saying how great it felt to be out there in the rain tonight. It did. I felt relaxed & I had a nice run. But as I sit here I feel profoundly down all of a sudden. Isn’t life strange? I need to be more social. I spend far too much of the day alone. Alone is good if you don’t feel lonely, but the loneliness is creeping in, so I’m feeling the need for social interaction.

Another nice 10ish miles was run tonight, on a bright note. It was absolutely torrential rain out and there and it was lovely. I had fun dodging puddles. There weren’t so many slugs or snails out tonight. They were obviously overwhelmed by the crazy amount of rain and puddles. Lots of leaves everywhere.  The branches were still hanging around. In fact, there were some really dodgy branches out there tonight. They made me run at fun angles and faster. I was convinced the really big one that has been hanging around for a few weeks now was going to fall. All was ok.

It's a bit rainy out there....

I saw & had a little chat with a lovely runner friend out running tonight as well. She was the only other runner I saw out there. We both had our OMM jackets on. They truly are the best in the rain.

Things that made me jump tonight had nothing to do with weird shrubbery or spider shaped branches. Something made me jump and laugh. Some creature squeaked at me. It was a really cute squeak. It sounded like one of those dog toys, but it was definitely an animal. I was running past the garden of a small farm, so it was probably just a mouse or something. It was really funny. It put a big smile on my face. Then with two miles left to go something growled at me. I cannot determine what it was. I was running past a dark grassy verge where people often walk their dogs. It scared the life out of me, because I thought ‘Uh ohh, DOG!’ Retrospectively I think it was actually someone revving up an engine from one of those houses beyond the verge. It definitely made me fun faster!

Running mugshot of the day ....

Philosophical ponderings of the day: “As soon as we notice that certain types of event "like" to cluster together at certain times, we begin to understand the attitude of the Chinese, whose theories of medicine, philosophy, and even building are based on a "science" of meaningful coincidences. The classical Chinese texts did not ask what causes what, but rather what "likes" to occur with what.”  M.L. von Franz

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