Wednesday, 21 October 2015

New Shoes, coconut oil, coffee and pre-birthday splurge

Well, it's my birthday on Friday, 23rd October, so I decided to buy myself an early birthday present and got some new Kayano 22s. I used to work at an Asics outlet, so I really got to like the Kayano and the GT-2000, which is slightly less supportive and cushioned. And as well as being the right shoe for my strange feet, I really like the way they look :)

Whilst I was having a bit of a pre-birthday splurge I also picked up some coconut oil to aid in my mission to incorporate more healthy fats into my diet and medium chain triglycerides etc. I'm also trying to eat more protein and less crappy carbs. However, I feel like my eating habits have been a bit rubbish as of late. I've been doing some intensive trainee primary school teacher training, lesson planning, teaching and not a lot of sleeping, so I've been craving rubbish and haven't been entirely disciplined. But the consequence of this is that I've been feeling a bit yuck. If I write it here, I have to do it...

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