Monday, 21 September 2015

PGCE and Kidney followed by sniffly

Just in case you'd like to know:

The Liverpool to Leeds race bloggage is underway, but it got rather backlogged due to a hugely busy spell.

So, I ran to Leeds and I made it and then I quickly attempted to recover and then I started a primary school based PGCE, to become a primary school teacher. Busy busy busy. Lots of paperwork and folders and an assignment and thinking and pedagogical ramblings. And then I started to feel horrible and shaky and sweaty and shivery and feel rubbish and my kidneys felt like I had been punched or kicked continuously. So, I went to the doctors (I know, I can't believe I got an appointment either!) and did a urine sample and had a high temperature and the doc thinks it was a kidney infection. Sooo, I have just finished taking antibiotics which also made me feel pretty rubbish in my stomach and now I'm one day post-antibiotics and I have a very sniffly cold. Rarrrgggh. Consequently, I will get a running blog out there soon, but I haven't even run since I ran to Leeds, so that's a pain. Therefore (I'm trying not to write 'so', I write it faaaaar too much) I have entered Chester Marathon at the end of next week. That should do it.

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