Friday, 6 March 2015


Ahhh I feel so much better for making and drinking smoothies each day. I love apples, but I get bored munching through them, so now I simply blend them J All the taste, none of the biting!

With all these additional vitamins, I’m hoping I feel a bit more energetic for Wrexham Marathon on Sunday. I am so excited to be running a marathon again. I’ve not run once since October and that is a long hiatus for me. My last marathons were Amsterdam, followed by Beachy Head, a week later. Since then, I have moved back up North and things have changed a lot. I’m still not driving at the moment, so far-flung marathons are out of the question. I’m only working part-time and travel to these events doesn’t come cheap. Luckily, Wrexham Marathon is pretty much on my doorstep and just up the motorway a bit.

At least I’m working in a running shop, where the running shoes come a lot cheaper with a bit of staff discountNot sure which shoes to run in though....

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