Wednesday, 7 January 2015

New Year, new adventures.

So here we are in a new year. And I get to thinking about new adventures more than ever...despite the fact that I’m always looking for them anyway. Where will I travel this year? Where will I live and where will I work? I’m still working on these three questions and they all need answers. This is the year for stability. I need to find a place of my own to live and forge a proper career. However, I also really want to run new and more exciting things. This is quite hard without a stable income and car at the moment. I miss all of those obscure ‘out in the middle of nowhere’ marathons. I know I will get there, but I keep asking myself, ‘Are we there yet?’ Nope.

In the meantime I have occupied myself by still running home from work a lot. I never feel like doing it when I set off, but when I get into it, it always turns in to a great training run. As much as I miss having a car right now, I appreciate those moments. I appreciate the self-sufficiency of getting myself home using my own two legs and determination Yesterday I even picked up two pints of milk from the shop on my way back home. Adding a bit of weight to my rucksack varied the training and it was useful, because I needed that milk for my protein shakes ;-)

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