Sunday, 12 January 2014

Christmas, New Year & Being Merry...

Christmas was hectic, but completely lovely. Getting to Winchester on the train was a stormy adventure, involving fallen trees on train lines and ale to the rescue on the train, whilst being stuck at Basingstoke station for quite some time.

Once at our destination for Christmas, a wonderful time was had by all. Christmas morning was glorious, with a beautiful sunrise and crisp morning air.

Me and George ran across fields and through picturesque villages. Christmas was also spent making mince pies (they turned out pretty amazing, much to my surprise), walking in forests and around gorgeous countryside and drinking mulled wine and cider.

For New Years, it was back to London. The fireworks near the London Eye were absolutely amazing, but shortly after making our way home through the crowds of people and partygoers, me and George got separated and we got lost, with no phone battery left. Ultimately I found my way back via tube, but it is still scary. That same instinctual feeling of helplessness overwhelms you, like when you were a child and got separated from your parents in a crowd. All came good in the end. That is the main thing.

So, I’ve really been trying to seek out some good races and events for this year. I’ve got the Brathay Windermere Marathon in May and GUCR 145 miler a week later...I did this combination last year, so rest and ice bath-ness is the key to recovery with this one. I’ve also been making enquiries about the Liverpool to Leeds 130 mile-ish race. However, in the meantime I’m trying to up my mileage, whilst upping the speed. I’ve also been doing weights like crazy and have bought a weighted vest. We’re going hard-core this year :-)

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